Volunteer at HSNC!

If you would like to become a Volunteer at HSNC, please fill out the Volunteer Application and click Submit. You should receive an email response from the Volunteer Coordinator within a few weeks advising as to when the next New Volunteer Orientation will be held.

Volunteer Opportunities

Traffic Controller

At HSNC “traffic” comes in many forms. Phone calls, meet and greet appointments, walk-ins wishing to view animals, a variety of maintenance workers, and much more. Work closely with the Office Manager and Lead Traffic Controller to help direct the flow of traffic and keep things running smoothly!

Adoption Assistant

In addition to enriching the kitties and dogs, help them get paired with the right human(s) for potential adoption.

Chaos Coordinator

Cleaning may not be the most fun filled opportunity, but it is certainly one of the most important! Help provide a sanitary environment for the fur-babies by cleaning dog kennels or cat rooms in the morning. If you prefer, lighter housekeeping, such as washing dishes or folding laundry, is also needed to keep the shelter looking bright and the animals healthy.

Money Master

Network with local businesses and individuals to create fundraising opportunities. Perform pickups of money boxes from established local businesses.

Data Meister

Learn the PetPoint system to log medical care and other data on each pet. Scan and move important records to Google Drive for long term storage.

Kitty Kuddler

Spend time snuggling the kitty’s (young, old, and in between) and helping them to feel loved while awaiting their fur-ever home.
Keep their minds active and spry by playing enrichment games.

Tails to Trails Trotter

Join a group of dedicated volunteers that transport multiple pups for a group walk at a local trail.

Mind Mechanic

Alongside staff, work with the local schools to help educate young minds on proper animal care and assist them in their own donation drives and fundraising events.

Foster Friend

Provide a temporary loving home for pets who need special attention such as medical, maternity, or social care until they are healthy, happy and ready to find a fur-ever home.

Organizational Oracle

Help the shelter make the most or their resources by putting away donated and/or shipped items and keeping storage areas in immaculate order.

K9 Companion

Help the doggies get their physical and mental exercise through walks, cuddle and pets, and playtime in the yards.
With management approval, take a pup off-campus for a car ride or perhaps a trip to a local dog friendly restaurant for a shelter break.

Handy Human

Take care of basic repairs to buildings, equipment, and fencing. Build or assemble items such as cat towers.

Thrift Store Attendant

Sort, price, and stock items, assist guests on the sales floor and at the checkout. Although HSNC does not currently have a thrift store, it is something we are very interested in opening.

Event Expert

Take fur-babies to off-site adoption events or assist at public awareness or fundraising events.

Rescue Runner

Take the fur-babies to and from their scheduled vet appointments.